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I wanted to leave a comment.  I took my car to another shop before I took it to D&S because my car stopped on me and the shop could not figure out what was wrong with my car then I took it to D&S Automotive and Daniel looked at it and told me exactly what was wrong with it and he fixed it with no problem and I have been going to him ever since. I wouldn't take my car to anyone else but D&S because they provide exceptional service everytime without ripping you off keep up the good work! -Tiandra O-

Daniel did a good job!! U got my business for life!! I will bring my girl's car over there if it needs repair or oil change too. Definitely I will let my friends and family know about the great service.   -JiJo T-

These guys are great!   -Crissy M-

I depend on Daniel for all my car needs, D & S is a great shop, the restrooms are very clean and the waiting room is awesome! -Angela F-
Totally satisfied... I talked to Jijo and he's 100% satisfied too. I'll be a loyal customer. -John S-

I was in recently to have my car fixed a belt and something holding it on came off causing a loud noise as I drove. Daniel fixed it, and now it runs better than ever. Thanks Daniel for keeping me on the road quietly.I will send you and Scott some customers in the future. Thanks to D&S for a good running 2000 Dodge Stratus. It looks as good as it runs. Another happy customer. -Tammy M-

I had my oil changed at D&S Auto & I must say, they did an excellent job! Will certainly go back there again! -Laura B-

I went to D&S to have my a/c fixed they did a great job! I will tell my friends and I will go back again. -Lisa R-

I had the rear brake pads on my car replaced today (7/30/09)by D & S Automotive, after they were recommended to me by a friend.After the initial estimate, I was called with exactly what was needed to bedone and the final cost to repair. They repair only what is needed and keep therepair costs as low as possible. I would like to thank the owners (who are theones that work on your car) for a job well done. They do a good job for a veryfair price. I highly recommend you try this auto repair shop.
-From a happy customer-

These good guys are good mechanics who do good work at a good price.My experience Ford blew two attempts to fix the AC on my wife's Mustang GT. I took the car to Scott at D&S he correctly diagnosed the problem, replaced the single faulty part, and recharged the system. It's COLD now baby!!  -Mike D-

Shout out to D&S! I sent my mom over there a few days ago. If you want quality without feeling robbed...get at them thanks Daniel   -Shamya C-

If I owned a car magazine you guys would be on the front of it! So glad to have you in the neighborhood proving that American Craftsmanship is still alive. -Anne W-


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